December 3 tlc horoscope

They may not give you the same level of commitment as you would like, they might not give you the same level of emotional intimacy as you would expect, and this would be perfectly okay up to a certain extent. It is your job to figure out where to draw the line. Stay away from relationships that are so imbalanced that they are essentially just dragging you down. Otherwise, you will end up with people who just take, and take, and take from you without giving anything back.

Those who are influenced with fire are known to have strong personalities. Sometimes, their personalities go too strong to the point of being bossy and controlling. Jupiter is also known to have a colorful life due to the many different colored clouds surrounding it. It makes all the sense in the world why Jupiter is your ruling body. Jupiter has a tremendous gravitational belt. It is a very powerful planet when it comes to attraction.

This plays out quite explicitly when it comes to your career. You tend to draw people naturally. People are instantly drawn to your level of competence. They know that you have a lot of energy and focus. They can place a lot of confidence on your ability to stick to a goal and not just do it. You go beyond mere project delivery. You try to become excellent. This makes you a natural leader.

Make sure you avoid people who try to pigeonhole you or try to stereotype your capabilities. The sooner you believe that, the sooner it will become a reality. Certain people will have an affinity for one or the other, and likewise, there are usually areas of overlap. Put in time at the Pilates studio AND the office, as you could end the year with a major feather in your cap and a steady paycheck, to boot. The new moon in Taurus falls on May 6 this year, a day for initiating a big personal goal. Bring on the fabric swatches, reclaimed wood, and mod chandeliers!

Your nesting instincts take the wheel for a chunk of as expansive Jupiter cozies up in your domestic fourth house until September 9. I am with my people.

Love gets fun and exciting again when Jupiter moves into your romance house for a year on September 9. There could even be a pregnancy then, or a pet adoption. Saturn could bring long-term contracts and profitable business partnerships, especially with women.

Good thing you like working as a tag team so much. Only movers and shakers for Team Gemini! You could relocate for work, too, or set up a home office and make your own hours. Your ruler Mercury turns retrograde four times in , each time forcing you to review your finances and polish up your professional presentation. Refine, review, and revise. Tightening your belt is not gonna kill you, Gemini. It will make you appreciate what you already have. The new moon in Gemini arrives on June 4 this year, so embrace a new path or adventure then.

As a social creature, this might also involve selecting a new wingwoman, festival buddy, or BFF for your missions. The wins will come with the corresponding full moon in Gemini on December Ready to earn those social-butterfly wings? Where do you want to make your mark? Two is the magic number, and you could team up with your best friend, coworker, or even a sibling to create something amazing. The local scene bubbles with possibilities, so give all those Groupons and ClassPasses a whirl. Not loving where you live? Some Cancers will be ready to put down roots when Jupiter moves on to their domestic zone on September 9.

Learn what you can about real estate, as you could make a wise investment this year. Career-wise, will bring slow and steady growth. With taskmaster Saturn trudging through your work sector, there may be dues left to pay before you can leap up another ladder rung. If you DO get a promotion, the learning curve will be steep. Get a coach or mentor to ease the transition. Instead of burning out doing everything solo, learn to delegate, outsource, and streamline your systems.

Finding a healthier work-life balance also means making time to prepare healthy food and get in those triweekly workouts. Saturn insists! Love will be playful and passionate, as sultry Mars weaves in and out of Scorpio and your fifth house of romance between January and August 3. But for a change, you might prefer to play the field and up that sex number a little instead of drifting into the couple bubble.

Easy does it, though: Stressful Mars can pile on the pressure, giving you wedding or baby fever in a way that could be overwhelming. The Cancer new moon arrives on July 4, doubling your desire for independent action. Cool your crimson-soled heels, Leo.

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All year, long, wise, maturing Saturn slow-winds through your fifth house of fame and romance. The goal in all areas of life is to shimmer with a sophisticated sparkle as opposed to blinding with a megawatt beam. How to do that? With some good old-fashioned elbow grease, love. Jupiter, which took a wild ride through Leo for half of , has chilled considerably and will spend three-quarters of in Virgo and your grounded, hardworking second house. Roll up your silk sleeves or change into a vintage band tee , and just concentrate on creating something awesome. Respect and applause is coming, but it will be earned on merit and results.

Money is on its way, too: Jupiter could reward you with a bountiful income by the fall. Romantically, Saturn gives you the urge to settle down. Give the nice ones a legit chance, Leo, even if they are better at providing emotional support than scouting out a Williamsburg whiskey bar.

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With Mars racing through your mothering and fertility zones, it might be time to rock the cradle — or adopt that labradoodle for your hit of unconditional love. Domestic bliss could involve moving in with your honey or getting a two-bedroom with your BFF. Your social life heats up in the fall, when Jupiter heads into Libra for a year on September 9. Forgot how to flirt? Jupiter revives your gift of gab then. Another exhilarating window for romance comes this summer, while Venus tours Leo from July 13 to August 6. Circle August 2: the date of the new moon in Leo, which is kind of like a bonus New Year.

Set intentions, and take initiative. Listen up, Virgo: is like a giant coming-out party for you — but is the world even ready to handle you? Who cares?! For the first time since , you have lucky, liberated Jupiter cruising through your sign, and your focus is on living life to the fullest, every damn minute of the day.

This cycle, which lasts until September 9, is all about embracing the new and taking risks — not exactly Virgo specialties. Who wants to do shots?

Reality TV Astrology: Zodiac Signs Of Your Favorite Reality Stars From 21 Different Shows

Of truth serum, that is. Jupiter in your sign can make you quite outspoken. Warning: You could also run the risk of TMI and overexposure. Writing a tell-all memoir, recording a Periscope series in your underwear, or announcing a big secret on Facebook could be dicey terrain. Spin your own stories, yes, but keep some sort of privacy policy in place. Call in the coaches and consultants! A solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1 will be a stellar day to shine and start something new.

Just be warned that Mercury will be retrograde in your sign from August 30 to September 22, so consider this a soft launch, then piggyback on it with another valiant push one month later, on October 1. Domestic issues could feel demanding in , as stern Saturn is hunkered down in your home and family sector all year. While you might put down roots — and even buy property — you could feel restricted by family duties and household responsibilities. Female friendships can be rewarding, yet challenging this year. Keep the mean girls stylish and enviable though they may be OUT of your girl gang.

Love could come with a spare set of keys or even a co-signed lease this year. Or you could go from breakup to makeup or vice versa in the blink of an eye. Money could flow in, too, courtesy of all the exploration you did in the first three-quarters of the year. You can let those practical details wait until the fall! Letting go is the way to grow. Use this time to detox from unhealthy vices; start a yoga and meditation practice; quit a lame job and backpack through India; or find a great therapist, acupuncturist, and work Yoda.

And if you fly higher than Snoop Dogg on Soul Plane, it will be a genuine sense of bliss, not a stoned daze. On September 9, lucky Jupiter blasts into Libra for a year — the first time since September 25, — creating a seismic shift in your life. You could make major changes in Q4 of the year, like going back to grad school, moving across the country to be closer to your community, or taking a job in the London office.

Solid Saturn is parked in Sagittarius and your zone of kindred spirits. Pairing up — with mature, responsible people — could bring some epic success your way. Lawyer up, Libra, because you know what they say about assumptions. Money could flow in through a steadier source, as go-getter Mars weaves in and out of your income zone for the first half of This could be high season for love; just vet the candidates carefully since Mercury will be retrograde then.

Now, you get to plant your feet on solid ground and catch your breath…well, kind of. Momentum-boosting Mars makes a biennial visit to Scorpio in , and for longer than usual. From January 3 to March 5, and then again from May 29 to August 3, the excitable planet will cruise through your sign, providing a rocket launcher for your dreams. Figuring out work and money could be priority number-one in You may already have the skills, but do you have the connections? Socialize strategically, because a killer business connection could come via a friend-of-a-friend.

You could get heavily involved in politics and campaigning for the presidential candidate of your choice. Embrace your inner activist in The 11th house is the tech sector of the zodiac wheel, and you could give those Silicon Valley gazillionaires a run for their startup capital with one of your own inventions or apps. Geek out! Single status could be your preference with the lusty, independent planet here. Two eclipses in your romance house — on March 9 and September 16 — could bring swift developments in your love life, including an engagement or pregnancy.

Lovestruck Venus cruises through Scorpio from September 24 to October 20, keeping the heat full-blast this fall. But everything chills out considerably on September 9, when Jupiter floats on to Libra and your healing, transitional 12th house for a year.

But since you're an indie-spirited sign, being responsible for other people can make you break out in cold sweat. Taskmaster Saturn is also on its second of three years in Sagittarius, grooming you to step into this next level of leadership. Mars in Sagittarius also makes you sizzle with raw sex appeal this spring, summer, and fall.

Circle these hot spots on your calendar for getting your freak on. But Mars will also weave in and out of your 12th house of fantasy and illusion from January to March and early in the summer. Careful about playing with fire, because your raw reptilian urges could overtake good sense. But hey, open-minded as you are, you might wind up happily ensconced in a throuple or some other unconventional arrangement. Teamwork makes the dream work when Jupiter moves on to your collaboration house for a year on September 9. You could also strike gold with a digital venture, and even raise capital by crowdfunding in the last quarter of You tend to be more practical than fanciful, Capricorn, but is totally different.

Traveling will play a role, too, as jet-setting Jupiter tours your worldly ninth house until September 9. Rack up those frequent-flyer miles with trips around the globe. In love, sparks could fly with a cutie from a different culture, or someone you meet while traveling. Already involved? Start saving up for an adventurous couple getaway: surfing in Nicaragua or backpacking around Southeast Asia, maybe? Some Caps could even relocate for love or give a long-distance relationship a try.

On September 9, lucky Jupiter zings into Libra and your 10th house of success for a year, shuttling you back to the executive suite once again. Burn the dusty festival backpack and take a long, hot shower , and grab your leather laptop case. Your exploration from earlier in the year could morph into a killer business plan or maybe a profitable imported-goods company that provides micro-financing for an indigenous population.

Fasten your garter belt, Aquarius: is your Year of Erotic Exploration. Jupiter is all about stretching your boundaries and taking risks. Coupled Aquarians could buy property together, put a ring on it, or dive into therapy to bring back the love. Hint: resentment, secrecy, or unspoken expectations may be the source of your issues. Get to work on pitches, proposals, and business plans. This year, investors will want to put dollars behind your dreams. One caveat: Anyone you get into bed with literally or metaphorically has got to give you a proper RDA of autonomy. Grab your passport and backpack — a bohemian adventure awaits.

You could go back to school, do a teacher training, or take a year in the Berlin office. Cast a wide net! Career will be a big focus in , as go-getter Mars weaves in and out of Scorpio and your ambitious 10th house between January and August. With structured Saturn in your 11th house of teamwork all year, finding the right collaborators could be the key to your professional progress and fulfillment.

You could also make a mint from an invention, app, or downloadable product. Geek is chic in ! Double up, Pisces! In , you could meet your soul mate, creative twin, or long-lost business partner. Chalk it up to lucky Jupiter sailing through the partnership zones of your chart all year. Cross-cultural connections simmer with extra spice.

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  5. Just stay open-minded, Pisces, because someone who totally breaks from type could turn out to be your missing puzzle piece. Already in the couple bubble? Your relationship could take a serious turn in , especially when Jupiter heads into Libra and your playing-for-keeps eighth house on September 9. Jet-setting Jupiter makes a great year for traveling as a couple or enjoying a vacation romance — one that could turn into a long-distance relationship.

    Stay focused on professional goals. You could be groomed for an executive role or open up shop with your own LLC. Put your attention on the influencers and powers that be — and pay your dues if you need to. Sophistication is a must. Motivator Mars will activate your career house for a good chunk of the year, lending momentum to your ambitions.

    Also adding to the CantStopWontStop vibes? There are TWO eclipses in Pisces this year — a solar new moon on March 8 and a lunar full moon eclipse on September The directive is simple: Invest in yourself, and the rewards will be bountiful. These rumi quotes will help you beat midweek blues. Full Screen. December is always your month, with birthday and holiday season falling back-to-back. The sun will be blazing in Sagittarius until the 21st, igniting your independent spirit. Don't think twice about pursuing your passions, whether you're starting a band or spearheading a protest.

    With go-getter Mars in Aquarius and your social third house until the 19th, you'll easily find allies for any missions. Charming Venus jumps into Aquarius, from December 7 to January 3, helping you get into a holiday headspace, despite all the chaos on the world stage. And who says socializing isn't a form of revolution? You're the zodiac's cultural ambassador — and Aquarius where Venus and Mars are parked is the sign of activism.

    Commune around a cause, and you'll find your kindred spirits. Make a statement about unity by bringing together your diverse friend group for some pre-holiday hangouts. Romantically, you're a bit of a moving target this month as the Venus-Mars duo activates your flirtatious nature. Even the coupled Archer is not above an "Oops! The full moon on the 13th will light up your committed-partnership corner, so if it's time to level up that relationship or call it quits , you could have some announcements to make mid-month.

    Experimental Uranus chats up Saturn and Jupiter during Christmastime, which could stabilize certain connections and bring some explosive passion to others. You'll be tempted to stretch your boundaries in love — even playing out one of your wilder fantasies. Explore safely, Archer, and if you have to sneak around on your S. The heat of the moment will pass, and you don't need a secret on your conscience.

    Money matters, eh. You're realising you may need to step it up if you're to live the lifestyle you dream of. No worries, because that's JUST what you'll do. If you can dream it, you can do it I know you hate to back down, Taurus, but this will be the best move you can make right now. Instead, it will lead to a 'new normal' in your relationship, a superior one where you understand each other and work together much better than before. This IS the right move. You can be a BIT of a commitment-phobe, Gemini, it's common knowledge.

    And this astrological trait has led you down dead ends in the time-wasting zone more often than you'd care to admit.

    December 3 Birthday Astrology

    Well, there's a big opportunity this month to actually make a real commitment which will prove a turning point in your life. It's linked to family or your partner and it'll represent an increase in responsibility which others believe you're ready for. Prepare to feel very warm 'n' fuzzy inside and, dare I say, grown up at last!

    Weekly Horoscopes December 3 - 7, 2018 + Giveaway

    Wow, love is in the air and things are about to heat up, rapidly. Every romance card the tarot has got to offer has turned up for you this month, Cancer, so whether you're single or attached, expect this to be a month for your memory, heart and pants, most likely to never forget! All I can say is: enjoy Powerful major arcana cards this month, Leo, so it's all about to go down just how you like it!

    I'm talking life-changing stuff, which rocks your world so that it's never the same again! All of the hurly burly is actually unfolding to put you on THE path you're destined for in this life, so don't fret if things look a bit hairy. Roll with it. A wish-come-true is coming your way but it might need to knock some other things out of its way to get to you. Expect the unexpected Whatever your beliefs, there's something or someone spiritual in your corner, giving you little signs from the Universe and nudging things your way.

    Good times are coming and it's down to the efforts and improvements YOU have made Venus is your ruling planet, which makes you charming, attractive and lucky in love seriously!

    Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

    And September is certainly a hot ticket in this area of your life.