Gemini love horoscope december 27

Your partner will take an initiative to reach to an agreement with you!

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Gemini

You both had to stand with all this for quite a long time and today luck will help you end it. Things will start getting organized with mild efforts which you two will put in collectively.

You should even put up some public displays of affection; it will not be an awkward move; let the world know how madly you guys are in love with each other! It was actually long overdue and you guys should have done it before for each other! By the end of the day your mind will be at ease, your relations with your partner improve, and you will regain faith in almighty.

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You may be feeling like staying a bit under the radar this week, Aquarius. And don't worry if mixed messages cause some travel-related confusion, it will all work out in the end. Loving Venus moves into gregarious Sagittarius on Wednesday and connects you with old friends. You are in the zone this week, Pisces! A connection with a like-minded soul leaves you feeling refreshed Tuesday.

Capricorn and Gemini Compatibility In Bed, Love and Marriage Life

Just be patient with yourself if you are of two minds about an important decision. There is no need to force anything. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, moves into your career zone Wednesday and will bring you some amazing work opportunities between now and Jan.

Go after what you want! Communicative Mercury moves into your house of privacy Friday, so spend time reflecting and writing in your journal over the next few weeks.

Pay attention to your instincts this week, Aries. Your intuition is spot on Tuesday so think about the long-term consequences of any big decisions. And avoid getting dragged into the same old argument with someone who knows how to push your buttons. Alluring Venus moves into fiery Sagittarius on Wednesday and a fling with someone exotic could brighten your mood considerably. New Year's Eve is all about fun, but be sure to take care of your health and don't get too carried away.

Communicative Mercury moves into unique Aquarius on Friday and connects you with some new friends this weekend. Your love life is red hot right now, Taurus. Sparks could fly with a friend Tuesday, especially if it's someone you feel a spiritual connection with. Just don't project your own wishes onto situations instead of paying attention to what is really happening.

Your ruler, loving Venus, moves into your zone of sex and intimacy Wednesday and heats up your love life in a big way. Verbal Mercury moves into innovative Aquarius on Friday and sets the stage for a whole new chapter in your career. Romance is on the agenda this week, Gemini!

12222 Gemini Love Horoscope

Some amazing career news could arrive Tuesday, however, which will make you glad that you followed your instincts about a certain financial matter. My dob is 4th July, As predicted by in June , mymy telephonic interview was conducted on 2nd June, but till date my application is under review. It is a very good opportunity. Will it materialise. Please advise. Hi Not sure is the message went through-I want you to do reading and to pay you for your service, will you consider doing this?

I will pay in front, please advice about procedures. Thanks Danka.

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Thanks so much for being a loyal reader! I am currently working on and have posted a few already! I eagerly wait every month for your horoscopes. You are doing such a good job. HI,positivelyastro,, i had relationship, nearly 3 years, since september break up,, i am taurs, 3 may ,, and you said jupiter is sure bring back, the relation missed, but i never seen yet, can tel me exactly, thank. With Jupiter in your love and fun zone currently I would advise you to get out there and meet someone new!

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You have lovely aspects for dating now. I would try online dating or attending fun social events! I really appreciate your work, It is really helpful and I love reading about zodiac signs. I believe they are true and everyone should read about their own signs. Sorry for delay.